Tax consulting

Through this service, we give advice to our clients for the correct, opportune and adequate fulfillment of their fiscal obligations. The firm maintains close contact with the Mexican fiscal authorities in order to take advantage of the fiscal incentives and modifications that have greatly characterized Mexico’s tax legislation.

In this sense, we give our clients the framework to comply with fiscal requirements as well as the means to establish legal procedures when their rights have been overlooked. This service is provided in coordination with legal experts according to the subject.

Other activities that we carry out include the determination of the fiscal cost when a company’s stock is sold, requests for companies’ tax credits and in sum, all procedures that must be handled with fiscal authorities in Mexico, state and federal alike.

These services are not limited to a Mexican scope. Due to our clients’ needs, we must also consider other countries’ legislations and multilateral agreements signed with other nations when analyzing international operations.

Tax Consulting - TGS Rocha

Benefits of Tax Consulting

icon efficiency

Efficients the burden and fiscal cost of companies.

icon scope

It allows taking advantage of opportunities presented by dynamic Mexican tax framework.