Fiscal auditing

We provide this service to companies that are obliged to audit their financial statements according to Mexico’s Federal Fiscal Code and to those who choose to inform the authorities of their fiscal and financial situation.

This service allows us to inform our clients of possible failures to observe all fiscal obligations, situation that lets companies comply with the law without paying additional penalties and interest on due taxes.

A fiscal audit is not restricted to federal taxes only. Social security payments as well as state law obligations can be, and in some cases it is obligatory, to be audited by an independent Certified Public Accountant.

Fiscal Auditing - TGS Rocha

Benefits of fiscal auditing

The fiscal audit, mandatory for companies with sales exceeding $ 650 million pesos and optional for those with sales over $ 100 million, has several benefits:

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It forces the authority to review the auditor in the first instance and if it is not satisfied, then it continues with the taxpayer. We have a lot of experience attending these reviews. Our firm has never been sanctioned by the tax authority.

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It gives certainty to the taxpayer in confirming that he/she fulfills his obligations correctly. In his case, it allows him to correct his errors avoiding costs of penalties and financing.

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It forces the administrative apparatus of companies to remain effective and current in their fiscal commitments.