Financial Auditing

This represents the audit of the financial statements where we review the accounting records of a company in order to obtain a basis to issue an opinion on their reasonability.

This information is commonly used by interested third parties such as shareholders, boards of directors, investors and financial institutions that require an expert’s opinion on the company’s financial data. The audit is, by excellence, an exclusive duty of the accounting profession.

Financial Auditing - TGS Rocha

Benefits of Financial Auditing

  • It eliminates information gaps between the company’s management and the owners.
  • Increases efficiency and effectiveness of internal control.
  • Obtain reliable and timely financial information.
  • Facilitates access to credit.
  • Allows the monitoring of compliance with tax obligations.
  • Helps maintain harmony among shareholders, investors, the board of directors and other stakeholders.
  • Assists in the supervision of the administrative apparatus of the company.